About Our Business

Owners Brian Hofacre and Scott Britton have been friends for nearly 30 years, and have worked
together since 1997.  Both admired and respect each other’s work ethics and skills and in 2007
realized that the next logical step was to combine their talents and form Benchmark Home Elevator.

Benchmark's goal is to provide quality service to you at a reasonable price.  Extended business
hours are available to provide flexibility for scheduling needed work.  In addition to being a
licensed California Elevator Contractor, Benchmark is a state certified qualified conveyance
company with state certified conveyance mechanics.

Brian and Scott have over 40 years of combined experience in the elevator industry.
About Benchmark
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Scott Britton was born and raised in the Bay Area.  After earning a
Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991 from the University of San Francisco, he took
a job at a small home elevator company in the city.  Quickly learning and
enjoying the trade, he decided to make a career of it.  

Scott’s patience, persistence, and intuition make him a talented mechanic.  
In addition, customers appreciate his listening and communication skills,
sense of humor, and commitment to providing excellent service that they

Outside of work, Scott enjoys gardening, woodworking, and spending time
with his wife and two daughters.
Brian Hofacre has spent over 25 years working in construction.  He
originally began work as a pipe-fitter, completing his 5-year apprenticeship to
become a journeyman fitter.  In 1991 Brian started his first job in the home
elevator and accessibility field, working throughout the Bay Area, Northern
California, and Nevada.  

Brian is a certified elevator mechanic in the state of California.  Brian is detail
oriented; his main focus is to provide the best quality and safest service
available to his customers.  

In his spare time, Brian enjoys building everything from furniture to clocks to
musical instruments.
Brian Hofacre
General Partner

Certified Competent
Conveyance Mechanic
Scott Britton
General Partner

Certified Competent
Conveyance Mechanic