A "straight" stairlift actually refers to the rail or track
    that it rides on.  It will suit a single straight flight of
    stairs.  If there is an intermediate landing or you wish
    the stairlift to bend on to a landing or around a corner,
    that makes it  a curved rail stairlift.

    While many customers who have large enough
    landings and good balance can utilize two "straight"
    stairlifts instead of a single curved-rail lift, a stairway
    with spiral or "pie shaped" stairs will almost always
    need a curved lift.
Options to consider:
  • Powered swivel seat and power folding footrest.
  • Multiple park stations to park lift out of the way.
  • Extra large seat or footrest on some models.
  • Hinged (folding) rail at bottom.
Straight Stairlifts
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Our favorite models:
  • Bruno SRE-2010  Elite
  • Bruno SRE-2010E Outdoor Elite
  • Bruno SRE-3000 Elan
  • Meditek 160
Straight Stairlift Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Which is better for a split-landing staircase, a curved lift or
two straight lifts?
A:  It depends on the user and the layout of the staircase.  If the user has good balance and some mobility, they will probably
save some money buying two straight stairlifts at least in the short run.  If mobility becomes more difficult however, they may
end up replacing with a curved lift anyway.

Q:  Are curved stairlifts more expensive than straight stairlifts?
A:  Yes.  Curved rail stairlifts typically at least double the price of straight stairlifts.

Q:  Will I have to modify my stairs or reinforce the walls?
A:  Almost never.  The rails attach to the stair treads, not the walls.  Occasionally we have to move or remove a hand-rail.

Q:  Do I have to hire an electrician to run power?
A:  Rarely.  Our lifts are battery powered.  The rail has a built-in charging system that can usually plug into a nearby standard

Q:  Where are your straight stairlifts made?
A:  We mainly sell 3 makes of stairlifts.  Bruno is an American stairlift company with all lifts being made in Wisconsin.  90%+ of
our straight stairlift sales are Brunos.  Meditek is assembled partly in the US and partly in Great Britain.  Handicare is an
international manufacturer with the bulk of its straight stairlift operation headquartered in China.

Q:  Can I buy just the stairlift from you and do the installation myself, or have my son-in-law do it?
A:  No.  No matter how talented or handy your son-in-law is, our name and reputation is riding on that stairlift along with you or
your loved one, and
we are stair lift experts!  We take your safety seriously.

Q:  Who does your installations, and who do I call for repair/service?
A:  We do all of our installations and repair/service.  We take pride in what we do and have more than 46 combined years of
experience on our sides.  Our excellent customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.

Q:  What do you call these things?  Stairlift, stair-lift, or what?
A:  Good question.  We have our customers refer to them as stair lifts, stairway chair lifts, stair-chairs, stair-glides, stair
elevators, wecolators, and the list goes on.  We generally refer to them as stairlifts, one word.
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